McCain faces his greatest battle


Washington (CNN) John McCain has always lived for the fight. Now he faces his toughest battle.

The Republican senator from Arizona has often seemed indestructible, despite the best efforts of his jailers from the Vietnam War, an earlier battle with melanoma and a list of honorable political defeats.

And now he has been diagnosed with brain cancer, as CNN has reported on Wednesday that he is a warrior politician who carries the scars of a life of military campaigns and health policies and fears about his body and soul.

They met more enemies and friends than most men and are a certified national hero. A few years ago, McCain, one of the last giants of the Senate, was in front of the coffin wrapped in the banner of his friend and combat senator

Edward Kennedy, who died of the same disease that now struck and explained his joint approach to life. “Ted and I shared the feeling that a fight was not associated with a fight that was not appreciated”

McCain said, recalling contradictory arguments with his other senator, but also moments in which they had buried their differences to forge the progress of nation.McCain said he wanted to return to work after surgery are not nearly a week and worked the phones.

But he was told not to travel for two weeks. Now, their movements could be reduced by treatments that could include chemo and radiation. In the long run, the outlook is daunting for McCain.

His doctors told CNN’s Sanjay Gupta with McCain’s permission that he suffered from a glioblastoma tumor, an aggressive form of cancer.

Kennedy, who was also diagnosed to an eternal Senate confrontation in healthcare, survived for about 15 months after a similar diagnosis.

The McCain office said in a statement that the Arizona senator is grateful for the support he had received since arriving at the hospital.

“He is grateful to the doctors and staff at the Mayo Clinic for their outstanding care and believes that any future treatment will be effective.”

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One thing is for sure, McCain struggles – something that one of his former opponents said Wednesday.

“John McCain is an American hero and one of the bravest fighters I’ve ever known,” said former President Barack Obama. “Cancer does not know what it’s against. Give hell, John.”

His daughter, Meghan, issued a statement in tribute to her father when his diagnosis was made public.

“He is the most difficult person I know. The most cruel enemy could not break it.

The aggressions of political life could not double … cancer could afflict many ways; But he will not make the delivery. Nothing has. ”

Throughout his military and political career, McCain was the character of his hero president.

The “Man in the Sand” Theodore Roosevelt, whose face is “stained with dust, sweat and blood” and often not “daring much”, unlike timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.

Review: Dodge Demon is a 840-horsepower slice of muscle-car heaven


Muscle car modern 840 horsepower Dodge is a piece of paradise, which served in our drag strip due to increased power – the 15-frame frames of the headquarters of Fiat Chrysler – wants us to be happy. And fast. Very, very fast.

I just spent a hot afternoon in the Promised Land, a car race: Indianapolis. I saw the second coming to start the sidewalk, the grinding of the tires, the American muscle car, I think.

The Dodge Demon technology allows beginners to master the finer of the race to the drag point – a much more nuanced form of motor sport that non-believers accept – and takes them to a paradise of less than 10 seconds , Sprints of 60 miles per hour and 1.8G acceleration, the highest of any car production.

Did I mention that this is a nice street? Yes, you can drive the demon home from the runway. Well, since you only have one passenger. No back seat, I do not know? This is optional.

It is a front passenger seat. You should save weight if you want to fly. The Dodge Challenger SRT 2018 Demon will be in the dealerships this fall, shortly thereafter, you have to see it to do the tests and the wheels in drag strips across the country.

On repeated trips to Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, the demon grated tires, pushed me into the back of my seat and I was scared of the demon, until I realized that the magic of Chrysler had exploited the power of the demon, Which prevented me from harm.

Then I started to smile. I’m still 36 hours later, as I remember the smoke from the tires in the cabin, the checklist and use pallets before the “trans block” race, the Chrysler feature to keep car stationary as its overloaded V- 8 of 6.2 V-cries before the electronics is correct start-up and acceleration in the drag belt.

I went to the track to the street, leading to a demon – always fashionable 840 horses still wearing super-sticky Nitto tires – they behaved flawlessly in a short drive in the country and neighborhoods around the track.

It even adopts standards for unit noise, although it must be said out loud that people in some neighborhoods of Indy will hear.

The demon touch screen offers street fashion and sliding parameters and a number of tricks. Activate the locking lines, and the front brakes reduce pressure while the rear wheels spin, burn the rubber to reach the limit temperature and rub against rocks and other debris collected on the track.

No detail was too small, it did not taste too dark for the SRT engineering group to continue on their search speed. In drag mode, the Demon redirects passenger air conditioning to a cooler that cools the intake air to the engine to achieve peak power.

In addition to creating the Power Chiller, Chrysler had to invent a frying pan with a sponge to prevent AC condensation dripping onto the tread surface, an important no-no. The heat runs on resistance and air dry sponge tight, so you’re ready for the next heat.

Engineering and Design SRT developed the Demon confidentially as a sect of speed worshipers. Some savage engineers began development without notifying their superiors.

As and when these acolytes progressed, the project had a double key secret name: Bennie, after a secondary character in “Top Cat,” a cartoon series for children that only had 30 episodes in the early 1960s.

New iPhone 8 Details Confirm Tim Cook’s Expensive Gamble


8 The iPhone comes, it will pack as many advanced technologies as possible, and I think Apple prefers that most of the iPhone community buy another iPhone.

With a new OLED display, a curved glass, a new physical design, an inductive load and a change more than confirming biometric recognition, the iPhone 8 sits on the board of Apple’s innovative capability.

It is expected to be late in Apple stores in historical terms, and the price is $ 1,000 for the base model.

Apple is not a company known for making drastic changes to its product range. Instead of an iteration of the regular iPhone line, the iPhone 8 should be considered as a new iPhone category.

The iPhone 7S 7S and more are the “next steps” conservative, iPhone and 8 represent a new way of thinking (a way of thinking about “Pro”).

In this way, it is not about maximizing the volume or to provide updated package at the same price point for those who wish.

The iPhone 8 will be in luxury, the high price of fashion statements and new technologies. Think of the iPhone 8 should be considered as a luxury sports car, rather than a muscle car for the masses.

The historical price of a new iPhone is remarkably consistent. Precipitation and analysis suggest that the combined margin per Apple device is so consistent.

With a fixed budget for components, manufacturing and contingencies, any innovation was forced into a very strict financial window.

Apple knows how many people can afford new models of iPhone and iPhone 7S 7S Plus.

By creating a new level of iPhone where you allow the price to increase as needed, more expensive items can be included in the package, without altering the regular alignment of update. It’s the role of the iPhone 8.

The new technology is expensive, but also much harder to obtain in sufficient quantities. If Apple wants to put a new component in an iPhone (for example, an improved optical sensor in the camera), the production demands of this component are enormous.

Not only is a large stock of components required before launch (and comfortably speaking volumes reaching ten million or more units), but this rate has to be maintained for many years.

The use of the iPhone 8 to new technology means that the volume of components needed at launch will be lower than the traditional iPhone lighthouse.

Apple is in a unique situation here. When other manufacturers have a powerful smartphone, they do not have to be willing to sell tens of millions of these devices.

They have much lower market share and a wider portfolio of devices that users can spend.

Samsung is probably the only manufacturer that has a similar problem with its Galaxy S phones, but unlike Apple, it has a depth in its portfolio.

By pushing the debut of the iPhone 8 sale later this year, the iPhone and 7S 7S Plus meet the immediate demands of people in the Apple update program or the pursuit of renewal of a contract.

Of course, all this means that Apple should provide massive rows of worshipers with a device that can comfortably sell in volume, at a reasonable price, knowing that everything works….

Un drone classique pour explorer Titan, la lune de Saturne



The limits of astromobiles The limits of astromobiles
Titan intéresse au plus haut point scientists. The most important of Saturne’s Monday is singled out for its chimie organique très particulière, which is the possibility of offering favorable conditions for the development of life. In 2004, the Cassini-Huygens mission, jointly launched by NASA and the European Space Agency, and the décelée très forte présence de méthane, formant des lacs et des rivières. D’où la décision de pousser plus loin les explorations. (‘Astromobiles’) Curiosité et opportunité, capables d’évoluer sur le sol et au rayon d’action limité. In the framework of the new mission “News Frontières vers Saturne” that is in preparation, the NASA team proposes to use a quadricoptère drone, Assez Proche de ce à quoi resemble un modèle de loisir. In Titan’s atmosphere, this solution allows the expansion of exploration capacity.
Une atmosphère très dense
Faire voler a quadricoptère – baptisé Libellule (“libellule”), which is in the measure of being used for the duration of life in the other of the four limbs – is impossible in the vide. In revenge, Elisabeth Turtle of the Johns Hopkins laboratory in Maryland claims that Titan’s atmosphere is four times as Earth’s and gravity and history seven times lower than the condition, Pour faire voler a drone. According to science, a single volumes in Dragonfly of parcours plusieurs dizaines de kilomètres – in mettant to profit l’appui that represents the atmosphere of the thickness of the moon – and a mission to emmener in a centenary of kilometers. Between two volumes, the libellule rechargera ses batteries …

En savoir plus sur Html # wLeluQgm2rTxoOv2.99
Titan intéresse au plus haut point les scientifiques. The most important of Mondays of Saturne is singularise par sa chimique organique très particulière, which is the possibilité d’offrir des favorable conditions au développement de la vie. In 2004, the Cassini-Huygens mission was launched jointly by NASA and the European Space Agency, and a three-part strong presence of Méthane, formant des lacs et des rivières. D’où la décision de pousser plus loin les explorations. Les missions envoyées sur Mars ont i recours aux rovers (‘astromobiles’) Curiosité et opportunité, capables d’évoluer sur le sol plus au rayon d’action limité. Le premier à tous les parcours 16 km depuis 2012 et l’autre 43 km depuis 2004. Dans le cadre de la nouvelle mission «Nouvelles Frontières vers Saturne» qui est en préparation, une équipe de la NASA propose d’utiliser a drone quadricoptère, Assez proche de ce à quoi resemble un modèle de loisir. Dans l’atmosphère de Titan, cette solution permetit d’étendre considérablement capacité d’exploration.
Une atmosphère très dense
Faire voler a quadricoptère – baptisé Libellule (libellule), celui qui est in mesure d’être utilisé pour une durée de vie à l’autre de ses quatre extrémités – est impossible dans le vide. In revenge, Elisabeth Turtle, du laboratoire Johns Hopkins, dans le Maryland, l’atmosphère de Titan, quatre fois plus dense que celle de la Terre et la gravité et l’histoire, sept fois plus faible that noô, présentant les conditions Très Favorable for faire voler a drone. Selon la science, seul vol puissant à Dragonfly de parcours plusieurs dizaines de kilomètres – in mettant à profit l’appui qui représente l’atmosphère très épaisse de la lune – et une mission pour l’emmener à une centaine de kilomètres. Between deux vols, the libellule rechargera ses batteri

NASA Builds Telescope to Learn About Neutron Stars

NASA Builds Telescope to Learn About Neutron Stars


NASA Builds Telescope to Learn About Neutron Stars

It will be a few days before the cargo capsule Dragon of SpaceX arrives at the International Space Station (ISS). Bad weather has postponed the planned launch for Thursday until Saturday. Among other supplies for the crew of the ISS, it has an unusual telescope designed to look for unknown objects called neutron stars. These relatively small celestial bodies have surprising characteristics, for example, a teaspoon of their material weighs about 10 million tons.

As for a full size model of the neutron star Composition Explorer, or rather because of the brevity shown in the Goddard Space Center, one can immediately see that this is not an optical telescope.
The most visible part of Nicer is a cube, one meter wide, solid aluminum with holes 56 drilled through its face. The instrument offers its own range of special lenses that distort X-rays and concentrate on sensors placed on the inner wall behind them.

On the outside, it looks a bit like WWII Katyusha kneaded pitcher.

Above, there are some projections that house auxiliary equipment, as well as a plug for the ISS robotic arm will eventually be installed outside the space station.

Next to the hub, the deputy chief investigator NICER mission, astrophysicist Zaven Arzoumanien says we do not know many neutron stars, the most difficult objects in the universe.

“They are only about 16 to 20 kilometers, but it can contain the mass of up to two of our compressed soles in this small volume, so we believe that they are mostly composed of neutrons.”

But how is it possible when we all know it is made of atoms?

It is true, Arzumanyan said, “but the distance between the nuclei of individual atoms is very large and is occupied by electrons that have a very small mass, so it is mostly empty space. Gold and crush the point at which the nuclei are pressed until they touch, when there is more empty space, the electrons are absorbed by the protons, they are canceled, they become neutrons and they are left with a neutron ball.

The only force able to crush atoms at this point is gravity, and gravity is so strong that it needs to collapse once or twice the mass of the Sun and compress, colliding with its own weight and ‘we stay with what we believe Which is a neutron star, “he said.

At this point, the physics of the neutron star darken. Perhaps under these conditions, neutrons and protons can no longer maintain their identity, Arzoumanien suggests. They can dissolve in a soup of even smaller particles – quarks and gluons. What we know, he adds, is that neutron stars spin at a very fast and constant speed and are very powerful X-ray sources

Mongolia to send its first satellite to space on June 4

Mongolia to send its first satellite to space on June 4


Mongolia to send its first satellite to space on June 4

Named by the threatened Gobi bear of Mongolia Mazaalai, Mongolia’s first satellite will be sent to space on 4 June. The satellite will accompany the “SpaceX Falcon 9” rocket at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida thanks to a project supported by UNESCO and Japan, Xinhua reported.
The multi-nation common bird satellite is an interdisciplinary cross-border satellite project for non-space countries to help developing countries build and launch their first satellite. During this two-year project, 15 students from participating countries, including Mongolia, Ghana, Japan, Bangladesh and Nigeria, are to design, develop and operate five identical CubeStats 1U units, one type of miniaturized satellite for Space research.
the Chinese space telescope to observe the pulsars of the milky way can reveal the source of energy
Mongolia can communicate with the satellite sent 400 km from the earth 5 to 6 times a day. Having a satellite brings many benefits, such as the ability to conduct independent space studies, capture a country’s geographic image, develop more accurate maps and better prevent natural disasters, Said the Deputy Prime Minister and head of emergency affairs of Mongolia Khurelsukh Ukhnaa.
Team members shared their plan to launch the second satellite in 2019. Although the Mazaalai satellite was supposed to be sent to space on June 2, the flight was postponed because of the rain.

India's Moon Shot: the unlikely outsiders shooting for the lunar X-Prize

India’s Moon Shot: the unlikely outsiders shooting for the lunar X-Prize


India’s Moon Shot: the unlikely outsiders shooting for the lunar X-Prize

The bases of the contest are simple: a Rover must complete a dash 500 meters before the position, with 20 million (16 million pounds) for the winner. But when the race takes place on the moon, the rules are the smallest problems.

First, the starting line is 384 400 km. Then there is the question of the shoe. While sinking Rover, it empties into the ground should be able to cope with the sand and grease, engaging rocks rock the moon. What to bring? Wheels or caterpillars? Wheels or stilts?
And then there is the question of opportunity: Google Lunar XPRIZE that challenged teams of successful earth amateurs on the lunar surface, run a Rover and send images, begins as soon as the enemy the first competitor touches any part of the surface of the moon. But come early and you can never leave the blocks. At night, temperatures can fall below -200 ° C, low enough to put a computer in a coma; So low, in fact, to freeze the steel.

“We look at the west and ask:” Why does not Google do it outside of India? “However, few people get up and do something ‘
Chanda Gonzales Mowrer, XPRIZE Lunar

Most attempts to reach the moon in the last 50 years have only achieved a crash landing. By adopting this approach, the only thing to do is to expect some scientific instruments to survive the impact. However, soft landing using liquid fuel rocket to slow the transmitter a few km / h to allow a landing kiss. Like trying to land a remote-controlled helicopter for almost half a million miles.

Only three nations have managed to land softly on the Moon: the United States (Surveyor Uno, 1966); USSR (Moon 9, 1966); And China (Chang’e-3, 2013). Each received the support of millions of dollars of funds. There is no support for XPRIZE equipment.

Google announced the Lunar XPRIZE in 2007. He drew the dreams of all walks of life: Beardy retouching men in sheds; Local robotic herds; College students with bright eyes. But even in the 21st century, when the cost of components is almost as fallen beyond its greater power, gradual landing on the moon remains a delightfully difficult task. The initial deadline for claiming the prize was December 2012. Google has extended the deadline three times. Tens of hope fell. Finally, it was resolved: 23:59 on December 31, 2017. The competition was reduced to five participants: teams from the United States; Israel; Japan; An international team; And the Indo Team – the hope of India.
The Indus team is a bearer of the torch of a new India, “said the founder of Rahul Narayan. It is late blast January and Bangalore – far from the cold British winter I met Narayan began forty years wearing thick glasses and a Pole. “He leans forward in his swivel chair.” We are known as the world’s IT fund. But India could be so much more. Our Moonshot could inspire many new businesses and research. And some of them will be in space. ”

The idea that a great career could drive the industry this way has a historical precedent. In 1919, New York hotelier Raymond Orteig offered a price of US $ 25,000 for the first nonstop transatlantic flight between New York and Paris. While a number of famous airmen represented the price and have built multi-engine aircraft with two or three pilot Charles Lindbergh, a young airplane pilot who flew alone in a single-engine St. Louis Spirit plane won. The race has encouraged investment in civil aviation. The so-called “Lindbergh boom” was a 30-fold increase in air traffic.

download Blue Whale game Apk

Can we download Blue Whale game Apk for Free in India?


angerous for TeenagersYes, just like not!

You can not download Blue Whale Game easily because it is not accessible to the public.

Not available on Playstore, 9Apps or iOS App Store.

Now, people who do not know this game or have doubts about the game will ask “WHY?”.

So, let me erase that!

How Blue Whale Game is controlled by Admin

It is a very dangerous game in which we are controlled by an administrator.

The manager gives us the tasks we must complete.

The tasks are very strange and dangerous as:

You must write “Whale” with a leaf in hand.
Watch horror movies all day long.
Wake up at 4:20 p.m.
And much more…

You must provide full proof to the administrator that you have completed this task.

The last task is that you must commit suicide!

If true.

How Blue Whale Game is Dangerous for teenagers

Many young people (teenagers) commit suicide due to this game.

They threaten that, if they do not follow the administrator, their families can cope.

In general, people (teenagers) who are emotionally and mentally weak are directed to play this game.

This game can not be easily found on the Internet, but you can get download links to some Facebook groups or special forums.

Many games called “Blue Whale” are available on the Internet. I will not recommend you to play that game But If Still, you wish to PLAY THE Blue Whale 50 challenge Game, You can Download the Blue Whale Apk from the link given and It is totally free. The brain washes will be done by the administrator of the game and It may cause you danger of lives. So If you want to start the Challenge You can Go for It.

My suggestion for people:


I suggest you do not play this game.

Sometimes it sounds fun and we think about how it might be possible for people to commit suicide because of a game.

But we do not know what our mental stage is like right now.

Who knows if we were the target of this game?

So, I’ll suggest you stay away from this game and not think about it.

… Because life is more precious than a game!


Amla, Tahir star in South Africa's comfortable win

Amla, Tahir star in South Africa’s comfortable win


Amla, Tahir star in South Africa’s comfortable win

Directed by four iron to Imran Tahir, South Africa brought things in style to ensure Sri Lanka to a shameful defeat of 96 shots during the opening of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 at the Kennington Oval London on Saturday, June 3, Defender 299, South Africa’s lively bowling effort, well supported by a tight champagne, canceled the start of Sri Lanka by 203 to wrap and squeeze their campaign on a high.

All this does not seem possible in the binding effect of the Sri Lankan game. South Africa had put their hopes on sensation Kagiso Rabada for an early breakthrough, but the boxing player had an early apology for his time. After leaving a goalie on the Upul Tharanga patrol when he was about to score 2 in the second round, Rabada again has the chance to succeed, this time offering Niroshan’s aggressive life Dickwella at 21. Adding an insult to injury, goalkeeper-batter Continued to take his chances and sacked Rabada 15 discount, which included a wide and a non-ball, which was enough for AB de Villiers to eliminate the youngsters from the immediate attack.

The change of bowling, however, brought the possibility that South Africa had lost hope because Morne Morkel, not even secured a spot in the eleven at the start of the tournament, affirmed the faith of management in making him Dickwella simply with Tighten the second ball. The Sri Lankan working class seminar, but the rest had fun in the middle of an abrupt end when they abused a great success trying to find Wayne Parnell to the third man. His sparkling 33 balls with a value of 41, however, took pressure early in Sri Lanka, which sailed at 8.5 times.

Tharanga has nurtured this confidence and beat four Parnell limits two scales. Kusal Mendis, who came from bottom to top, also gained back from the boundaries of this Morkel to regain control. But Chris Morris, who also opened his account on the first flight, discovered that the city of Morris had discovered a glass with two hands to reduce Sri Lanka to 95 for 2. From there everything was downhill. Like South Africa, imploded to leave the advantage.

Directed by Dinesh Chandimal early in the day Villiers returned the favor with a knife to end the stay of 21 balls of Sri Lanka. Two balls later, the wrong person Tahir pushed Chamara Kapugedera who pocketed a golden duck to drop his side to 117 for 4. The loss of three partners at the other end has slowed down Tharanga, who was left to team. And the pressure began to appear soon after. The captain lifted his half-century of 59 deliveries, but has lost David Miller in the three deepest afterwards.

There was a slight ray of hope given that Sri Lanka and Asela Gunaratne did especially in the warming, but Tahir assured that it was not repeated. Kusal Perera led a solitary battle, but it was not enough to revise the target. His 36-shot stand with Seekkuge Prasanna briefly raised hopes, but this effort has reached a low rate of 4.5 care and has only delayed the inevitable. Prasanna was trapped by Morris for his second game wicket, the roulette examined, but without success.

Rabada was back after the Sri Lankan lower order was exposed, but has only managed a porthole in row number 39. Tahir has met the requirements with Nuwan Pradeep’s desk at 42 minutes for a more comfortable victory at the end.

Earlier in the day, if it were not for a record ODI hundred by Amla Hashim and his second porthole stand out worth 145 with Faf du Plessis, South Africa might not be enough to test Sri Lanka’s fragile strikes. Batting, South Africa rides saw a fairly familiar pattern of a century and a late collapse, but Amla 25 was enough to overcome a fairly quiet start and also offset the poor performance by the middle order as they accumulated 299 For 6 your assigned quota.

Thailand Open: B Sai Praneeth Reaches Final; Saina Nehwal Loses In Semis

Thailand Open: B Sai Praneeth Reaches Final; Saina Nehwal Loses In Semis


Thailand Open: B Sai Praneeth Reaches Final; Saina Nehwal Loses In Semis

It was a mixed day for India at the Golden Grand Prix Thailand Open Tournament on Saturday. While the third destination Sai Praneeth B took only 36 minutes to dismantle the Pannawit Thongnuam challenge in the singles semifinals, Saina Nehwal’s second head missed the final stage of the women’s singles career to withdraw from the Bangkok tournament. She lost Thailand Busanan Ongbamrungphan in direct games.
Sai Praneeth seemed in a hurry to reach the final, as he had little time to win 21-11 21-15. While the first match was pocketed by the Indians, Thai came back strong in the second to maintain the difference of a point in the interval.
However, Thongnuam’s challenge was short-lived as Praneeth crashed big hits to take a big lead and before realizing it, he had won the second game and set the final match against Jonatan Christie, fourth seed from Indonesia. Christie beat Malaysia Joo Ven Soong 21-9 21-18 in their semifinal.
Sai Praneeth won the Singapore Open in April, his first Super Series win, beating compatriot Kidambi Srikanth.
It was a disappointing day for Saina because she had won a difficult quarter-final Friday. Ongbamrungphan against the former world number 1 lost 19-21 18-21 in a tie that lasted 53 minutes.
While Saina made unforced errors in the first game at crucial moments, she tried to defend herself in the second. However, the fourth round of Thailand refused to let the Indian enter the game as it has taken advantage of the bronze medal errors of the London Games to win the game in a draw.

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