NASA Builds Telescope to Learn About Neutron Stars

NASA Builds Telescope to Learn About Neutron Stars


NASA Builds Telescope to Learn About Neutron Stars

It will be a few days before the cargo capsule Dragon of SpaceX arrives at the International Space Station (ISS). Bad weather has postponed the planned launch for Thursday until Saturday. Among other supplies for the crew of the ISS, it has an unusual telescope designed to look for unknown objects called neutron stars. These relatively small celestial bodies have surprising characteristics, for example, a teaspoon of their material weighs about 10 million tons.

As for a full size model of the neutron star Composition Explorer, or rather because of the brevity shown in the Goddard Space Center, one can immediately see that this is not an optical telescope.
The most visible part of Nicer is a cube, one meter wide, solid aluminum with holes 56 drilled through its face. The instrument offers its own range of special lenses that distort X-rays and concentrate on sensors placed on the inner wall behind them.

On the outside, it looks a bit like WWII Katyusha kneaded pitcher.

Above, there are some projections that house auxiliary equipment, as well as a plug for the ISS robotic arm will eventually be installed outside the space station.

Next to the hub, the deputy chief investigator NICER mission, astrophysicist Zaven Arzoumanien says we do not know many neutron stars, the most difficult objects in the universe.

“They are only about 16 to 20 kilometers, but it can contain the mass of up to two of our compressed soles in this small volume, so we believe that they are mostly composed of neutrons.”

But how is it possible when we all know it is made of atoms?

It is true, Arzumanyan said, “but the distance between the nuclei of individual atoms is very large and is occupied by electrons that have a very small mass, so it is mostly empty space. Gold and crush the point at which the nuclei are pressed until they touch, when there is more empty space, the electrons are absorbed by the protons, they are canceled, they become neutrons and they are left with a neutron ball.

The only force able to crush atoms at this point is gravity, and gravity is so strong that it needs to collapse once or twice the mass of the Sun and compress, colliding with its own weight and ‘we stay with what we believe Which is a neutron star, “he said.

At this point, the physics of the neutron star darken. Perhaps under these conditions, neutrons and protons can no longer maintain their identity, Arzoumanien suggests. They can dissolve in a soup of even smaller particles – quarks and gluons. What we know, he adds, is that neutron stars spin at a very fast and constant speed and are very powerful X-ray sources

Mongolia to send its first satellite to space on June 4

Mongolia to send its first satellite to space on June 4


Mongolia to send its first satellite to space on June 4

Named by the threatened Gobi bear of Mongolia Mazaalai, Mongolia’s first satellite will be sent to space on 4 June. The satellite will accompany the “SpaceX Falcon 9” rocket at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida thanks to a project supported by UNESCO and Japan, Xinhua reported.
The multi-nation common bird satellite is an interdisciplinary cross-border satellite project for non-space countries to help developing countries build and launch their first satellite. During this two-year project, 15 students from participating countries, including Mongolia, Ghana, Japan, Bangladesh and Nigeria, are to design, develop and operate five identical CubeStats 1U units, one type of miniaturized satellite for Space research.
the Chinese space telescope to observe the pulsars of the milky way can reveal the source of energy
Mongolia can communicate with the satellite sent 400 km from the earth 5 to 6 times a day. Having a satellite brings many benefits, such as the ability to conduct independent space studies, capture a country’s geographic image, develop more accurate maps and better prevent natural disasters, Said the Deputy Prime Minister and head of emergency affairs of Mongolia Khurelsukh Ukhnaa.
Team members shared their plan to launch the second satellite in 2019. Although the Mazaalai satellite was supposed to be sent to space on June 2, the flight was postponed because of the rain.

India's Moon Shot: the unlikely outsiders shooting for the lunar X-Prize

India’s Moon Shot: the unlikely outsiders shooting for the lunar X-Prize


India’s Moon Shot: the unlikely outsiders shooting for the lunar X-Prize

The bases of the contest are simple: a Rover must complete a dash 500 meters before the position, with 20 million (16 million pounds) for the winner. But when the race takes place on the moon, the rules are the smallest problems.

First, the starting line is 384 400 km. Then there is the question of the shoe. While sinking Rover, it empties into the ground should be able to cope with the sand and grease, engaging rocks rock the moon. What to bring? Wheels or caterpillars? Wheels or stilts?
And then there is the question of opportunity: Google Lunar XPRIZE that challenged teams of successful earth amateurs on the lunar surface, run a Rover and send images, begins as soon as the enemy the first competitor touches any part of the surface of the moon. But come early and you can never leave the blocks. At night, temperatures can fall below -200 ° C, low enough to put a computer in a coma; So low, in fact, to freeze the steel.

“We look at the west and ask:” Why does not Google do it outside of India? “However, few people get up and do something ‘
Chanda Gonzales Mowrer, XPRIZE Lunar

Most attempts to reach the moon in the last 50 years have only achieved a crash landing. By adopting this approach, the only thing to do is to expect some scientific instruments to survive the impact. However, soft landing using liquid fuel rocket to slow the transmitter a few km / h to allow a landing kiss. Like trying to land a remote-controlled helicopter for almost half a million miles.

Only three nations have managed to land softly on the Moon: the United States (Surveyor Uno, 1966); USSR (Moon 9, 1966); And China (Chang’e-3, 2013). Each received the support of millions of dollars of funds. There is no support for XPRIZE equipment.

Google announced the Lunar XPRIZE in 2007. He drew the dreams of all walks of life: Beardy retouching men in sheds; Local robotic herds; College students with bright eyes. But even in the 21st century, when the cost of components is almost as fallen beyond its greater power, gradual landing on the moon remains a delightfully difficult task. The initial deadline for claiming the prize was December 2012. Google has extended the deadline three times. Tens of hope fell. Finally, it was resolved: 23:59 on December 31, 2017. The competition was reduced to five participants: teams from the United States; Israel; Japan; An international team; And the Indo Team – the hope of India.
The Indus team is a bearer of the torch of a new India, “said the founder of Rahul Narayan. It is late blast January and Bangalore – far from the cold British winter I met Narayan began forty years wearing thick glasses and a Pole. “He leans forward in his swivel chair.” We are known as the world’s IT fund. But India could be so much more. Our Moonshot could inspire many new businesses and research. And some of them will be in space. ”

The idea that a great career could drive the industry this way has a historical precedent. In 1919, New York hotelier Raymond Orteig offered a price of US $ 25,000 for the first nonstop transatlantic flight between New York and Paris. While a number of famous airmen represented the price and have built multi-engine aircraft with two or three pilot Charles Lindbergh, a young airplane pilot who flew alone in a single-engine St. Louis Spirit plane won. The race has encouraged investment in civil aviation. The so-called “Lindbergh boom” was a 30-fold increase in air traffic.

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Amla, Tahir star in South Africa's comfortable win

Amla, Tahir star in South Africa’s comfortable win


Amla, Tahir star in South Africa’s comfortable win

Directed by four iron to Imran Tahir, South Africa brought things in style to ensure Sri Lanka to a shameful defeat of 96 shots during the opening of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 at the Kennington Oval London on Saturday, June 3, Defender 299, South Africa’s lively bowling effort, well supported by a tight champagne, canceled the start of Sri Lanka by 203 to wrap and squeeze their campaign on a high.

All this does not seem possible in the binding effect of the Sri Lankan game. South Africa had put their hopes on sensation Kagiso Rabada for an early breakthrough, but the boxing player had an early apology for his time. After leaving a goalie on the Upul Tharanga patrol when he was about to score 2 in the second round, Rabada again has the chance to succeed, this time offering Niroshan’s aggressive life Dickwella at 21. Adding an insult to injury, goalkeeper-batter Continued to take his chances and sacked Rabada 15 discount, which included a wide and a non-ball, which was enough for AB de Villiers to eliminate the youngsters from the immediate attack.

The change of bowling, however, brought the possibility that South Africa had lost hope because Morne Morkel, not even secured a spot in the eleven at the start of the tournament, affirmed the faith of management in making him Dickwella simply with Tighten the second ball. The Sri Lankan working class seminar, but the rest had fun in the middle of an abrupt end when they abused a great success trying to find Wayne Parnell to the third man. His sparkling 33 balls with a value of 41, however, took pressure early in Sri Lanka, which sailed at 8.5 times.

Tharanga has nurtured this confidence and beat four Parnell limits two scales. Kusal Mendis, who came from bottom to top, also gained back from the boundaries of this Morkel to regain control. But Chris Morris, who also opened his account on the first flight, discovered that the city of Morris had discovered a glass with two hands to reduce Sri Lanka to 95 for 2. From there everything was downhill. Like South Africa, imploded to leave the advantage.

Directed by Dinesh Chandimal early in the day Villiers returned the favor with a knife to end the stay of 21 balls of Sri Lanka. Two balls later, the wrong person Tahir pushed Chamara Kapugedera who pocketed a golden duck to drop his side to 117 for 4. The loss of three partners at the other end has slowed down Tharanga, who was left to team. And the pressure began to appear soon after. The captain lifted his half-century of 59 deliveries, but has lost David Miller in the three deepest afterwards.

There was a slight ray of hope given that Sri Lanka and Asela Gunaratne did especially in the warming, but Tahir assured that it was not repeated. Kusal Perera led a solitary battle, but it was not enough to revise the target. His 36-shot stand with Seekkuge Prasanna briefly raised hopes, but this effort has reached a low rate of 4.5 care and has only delayed the inevitable. Prasanna was trapped by Morris for his second game wicket, the roulette examined, but without success.

Rabada was back after the Sri Lankan lower order was exposed, but has only managed a porthole in row number 39. Tahir has met the requirements with Nuwan Pradeep’s desk at 42 minutes for a more comfortable victory at the end.

Earlier in the day, if it were not for a record ODI hundred by Amla Hashim and his second porthole stand out worth 145 with Faf du Plessis, South Africa might not be enough to test Sri Lanka’s fragile strikes. Batting, South Africa rides saw a fairly familiar pattern of a century and a late collapse, but Amla 25 was enough to overcome a fairly quiet start and also offset the poor performance by the middle order as they accumulated 299 For 6 your assigned quota.

Thailand Open: B Sai Praneeth Reaches Final; Saina Nehwal Loses In Semis

Thailand Open: B Sai Praneeth Reaches Final; Saina Nehwal Loses In Semis


Thailand Open: B Sai Praneeth Reaches Final; Saina Nehwal Loses In Semis

It was a mixed day for India at the Golden Grand Prix Thailand Open Tournament on Saturday. While the third destination Sai Praneeth B took only 36 minutes to dismantle the Pannawit Thongnuam challenge in the singles semifinals, Saina Nehwal’s second head missed the final stage of the women’s singles career to withdraw from the Bangkok tournament. She lost Thailand Busanan Ongbamrungphan in direct games.
Sai Praneeth seemed in a hurry to reach the final, as he had little time to win 21-11 21-15. While the first match was pocketed by the Indians, Thai came back strong in the second to maintain the difference of a point in the interval.
However, Thongnuam’s challenge was short-lived as Praneeth crashed big hits to take a big lead and before realizing it, he had won the second game and set the final match against Jonatan Christie, fourth seed from Indonesia. Christie beat Malaysia Joo Ven Soong 21-9 21-18 in their semifinal.
Sai Praneeth won the Singapore Open in April, his first Super Series win, beating compatriot Kidambi Srikanth.
It was a disappointing day for Saina because she had won a difficult quarter-final Friday. Ongbamrungphan against the former world number 1 lost 19-21 18-21 in a tie that lasted 53 minutes.
While Saina made unforced errors in the first game at crucial moments, she tried to defend herself in the second. However, the fourth round of Thailand refused to let the Indian enter the game as it has taken advantage of the bronze medal errors of the London Games to win the game in a draw.

India vs Pakistan: Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja justify selection with individual moments of brilliance

India vs Pakistan: Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja justify selection with individual moments of brilliance


India vs Pakistan: Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja justify selection with individual moments of brilliance

Every time we look at a show, it is in our human nature to expect something unexpected amazing and beautiful to happen. We are never satisfied with the quality of the show. We continue to wait for this moment unique shine that element of surprise and the emotion of the unknown that swayed our feet. It is these moments that make the show worth seeing and distinguishes it from other shows. Something similar happened in the clash between India and Pakistan in Birmingham on Sunday. Although the scene was illuminated by magnificent half-centuries in each of India’s four best hitters, Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja have become the show with their individual brightness times.

Emotions and feelings have always been very important in terms of meetings in India and Pakistan. Each time the two parties met in a match, they have always witnessed something spectacular. The reason is the political history between the two countries which gives rise to a sense of rivalry between the fans and the players of both nations. What makes the contest more intriguing is the domination of India against Pakistan in the ICC tournaments. Although Pakistan has been looking for their “Mauka” to beat India in World Cups since its inception in 1975, they had something to boast about in the Champions Trophy when they were addressing their rivals 2-1 before Sunday’s game.

Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja were the stars. Ravindra Jadeja and ReutersHardik Pandya were the stars. Reuters
However, the Indian team snatched vandalism rights from their neighbors in this tournament as well, tallying their 2-2 record after a mammoth that won the victory over them. All thanks to a brilliant effort hit the first four Indians Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh, all in the direction of brilliant millennia. However, the game would not have been so interesting and fun without the crucial contributions Hardik Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja.

In general, one can not speak of anything else when Yuvraj emits a fast fire fifty or dark sleeves will come with something big. Because everything seems to be secondary to the games played by them. However, Pandya undefeated 20 since only six installments – which included three stunning years ultimately Imad Wasim, have eclipsed all of them to become the highlight of India’s rides.

The cameo Pandya was like an unexpected climax of a movie that would put the spectator in the fear of the moment. We think the movie is about to end, but suddenly something unexpected happens at the climax that leaves us spell this magic. Hitting three consecutive six is ​​certainly not a breeze. But this boy has done it again and again on the internal circuit of India. Playing capital later in the tickets is nothing new for this young talent who plays for Mumbai Indians. It had made some moment of the IPL that just concluded. And he took that form with him to England to show the world what he can do on the big stage.

The exploits with his willow do not seem enough for him. So he was ready with his right arm, to speed up the Pakistani middle order. It has been shot with a good pace to the length and fired just enough surface to prevent the movement of the batteries. He was unlikely to have a plate of constant lengths. For his aggression times added to his inconsistency. He often helped expensive spells in the past, since he ended up bowling a lot of short stuff. Pakistani battalions could have planned to attack because of their relative lack of experience in the international arena.

Champions League, Real Madrid vs Juventus: Preview, possible line-ups and team news ahead of Cardiff final

Champions League, Real Madrid vs Juventus: Preview, possible line-ups and team news ahead of Cardiff final


Champions League, Real Madrid vs Juventus: Preview, possible line-ups and team news ahead of Cardiff final

It is difficult to see the career as Real Madrid player Zinedine Zidane as something more than remarkable. Probably the best midfielder of his generation would be better in many XI of all time.

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane and Juventus coach Massimo Allegri. AFP
Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane and Juventus coach Massimo Allegri. AFP
But the final of the Champions League on Saturday against their former club Juventus said that the French not quite in their way.

When Juventus signed Zidane from the French club of Bordeaux in 1996, only they had crowned champions of Europe. The midfielder was the man they hoped to help ensure greater success in the Champions League.

Italian rivals AC Milan had won the European title three times in a row and, at the time Serie A was the best European league, Juventus wanted, perhaps, the need to follow and dominate the continent.

But that never happened – Juve lost two finals in the Zidane era, and his solo success of the Champions League with Real came in 2002.

In 1997, Juve lost 3-1 against Borussia Dortmund in the final, the Frenchman is largely ineffective, marked by the Scottish environment game Paul Lambert.

The following year, Juve was again in the final phase for the third consecutive season, only to lose 1-0 against Real, with the purpose of Predrag Mijatovic who was the first European title of the Spanish club in 32 years.

“Moments like these are difficult and sad, but they are an integral part of any race in football and you have to accept them.I’m happy to win the competition later with Real Madrid.All races that allow the entry of both good and bad Memories, “Zidane said recently.

The pain was quickly facilitated for Zidane, who won the World Cup race in his homeland with France, but his last three years at Juve were destroyed in terms of trophies.

Zidane was part of two title-winning teams in his first two years at the club, but his last three years have led to the dark UEFA Intertoto Cup.

When he recorded his world record of 75 millions real in 2001, the fans of the Juve were saddened, but there was no outrage.

In fact, the club’s transfer fee has helped bring in three players who require a period of domestic domination: goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, French defender Lilian Thuram of Parma and especially Czech midfielder Pavel Nedved Lazio.

Zidane, who lived peacefully in the country during his stay in Italy, is still beloved and respected among the faithful of Juve. But on Saturday, I hope the team of Massimo Allegri can offer the same trophy that the French could not ensure.

Zidane XI faces a headache over whether to go with Isco Calderon or Gareth Bale. Welsh is the ideal choice, since the end is on its ground, but the problem in the calf 27 years is a little worrisome for the manager. Isco fulfilled all the requirements and splendidly interpreted by Real Madrid, in the absence of Bale.

Raphael Varane should pair next to Sergio Ramos in defense as Pepe is excluded because of the broken ribs.

NEET Admit Card

NEET Admit Card Available for Free download


NEET Admit 2018 card: CBSE has issued the NEET 2018 admission card on April 22 in the online mode. To download the NEET 2018 admission card, candidates must enter their registration number, date of birth and security pin. Earlier, the NEET registration card in 2018 was to be aired April 15, 2018, however, the authority of the admission review card issued after 7 days.

Candidates who have successfully completed their application forms on or before the last date, ie April 5, 2018, can download the NEET 2018 Admit Card card from the link on this page below.

2018 NEET admission card contains data such as candidate’s name, father’s name, name, mother’s registration number, caste category, subcategory, date of birth, photo, signature, document language selected question, The address of the examination center, the code of the test center and follow instructions during the examination.

How to download NEET Admit the 2018 card

The NEET 2018 admission card is available only in connected mode. Candidates can check below the step-by-step procedure to download properly.
Applicants must click on the link below to begin downloading the 2018 NEET Admission Card
After clicking on the link, candidates will find three boxes that request the registration number, date of birth and the security pin
Now, candidates must enter the details as requested in each box and click the submit button
After clicking on the submit button, the candidates will be redirected to their NEET 2018 admission card in pdf format
Here, applicants must download and take impressions

NEET Examination centers in 2018

The authority responsible for the review, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct the NEET exam in 2018 a total of 104 cities across the country. Previously, only 80 cities were surveyed, but after a substantial increase in NEET applicants, CBSE has also added 24 new cities to the existing list. Keep in mind that review cities will be granted by computers and that there will be no human participation.’


EET 2018 examination day schedule

Sr. No. NEET 2017 D-Day events Time
1. Gates will open 7:30 AM
2. NEET admit cards checking process 7.30 AM to 9.45 AM
3. Last entry at exam hall 9.30 AM
4. NEET 2018 question booklet distribution 9.45 AM
5. Seal of the Test Booklet to be broken 9.55 AM
6. NEET 2018 test commences 10.00 AM
7. NEET 2018 concludes 1.00 PM
8. Material to be brought at examination centre Admit Card, Passport size Photograph and Post Card Size Photograph affixed on proforma
9. Will rough work space be provided? Candidates will have to do rough work in question paper only and no mark will be allowed in answer sheet of NEET 2017
Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE cut diplomatic ties to Qatar; plan to shut land border with Arab country

Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE cut diplomatic ties to Qatar; plan to shut land border with Arab country


Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE cut diplomatic ties to Qatar; plan to shut land border with Arab country

Dubai: Four Arab nations severed diplomatic ties in Qatar Monday in their dealings with Iran and support Islamist groups by isolating the small energy-rich country by reducing its land, sea and air communication channels with the outside world.

Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have begun withdrawing their diplomats from Qatar, while regional airlines have quickly announced that they will suspend service to their capital, Doha.

Qatar, which will host the 2022 World Cup and shelter 10,000 US soldiers at a US military base, has criticized the measure as a “violation of its sovereignty.” However, it immediately wreaked havoc on the Qatar Airways long-distance carrier that sent its stock market and raised questions about how a country dependent on food imports would be affected.

Image of the file of Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. Wikimedia Commons image from the archive of Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. Wikimedia Commons
Saudi Arabia also said Qatari troops would withdraw from the ongoing war in Yemen. The Japanese government with the support of Yemen, which holds on its capital and large pieces, also cut off relations with Qatar.

All countries have ordered their citizens to Qatar and gave Qatari abroad 14 days to return to their peninsular countries. Countries also said they would expel Qatari diplomats in their territories.

The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that “there is no legitimate justification” for the country’s decision, although it promised that its citizens would not be affected by this decision.

“The Qatari government will take all necessary steps to ensure this and thwart attempts to influence and affect the society and economy of Qatar,” he said.

All nations have also said they plan to reduce air and sea traffic. Saudi Arabia said it would close its land border with Qatar, effectively cutting the country from the rest of the Arabian Peninsula.

Qatar Airways, one of the main long distance carriers in the region that regularly navigates through Saudi airspace, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Some of his flights on Monday crossed Iranian airspace.

Etihad, the Abu Dhabi-based company said it would suspend flights to Qatar “until further notice.” Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, announced that it would also suspend flights to Qatar from Tuesday, as low-cost airline FlyDubai.

Before Monday, Qatar seemed indifferent to the growing tensions. On May 27, the Qatari emirate, Hamad bin Tamim Al Thani, called the Iranian president, Hasan Rouhani to congratulate him on his re-election.

The call was a clear and public refutation of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to force Qatar to fall in line against the Shiite nation, which the Sunni kingdom regards as its number one enemy and a threat to regional stability. Qatar shares a huge offshore gas field with the Islamic Republic.

Qatar is also home to the large Al Udeid air base, which houses the headquarters before the US Army Central Command. It was unclear whether the decision would affect military operations. Officials of the Central Command and the Pentagon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Saudi Arabia said it made a decision to sever diplomatic ties because of Qatar’s adoption of several terrorist and sectarian groups to destabilize the region, including Muslim Brotherhoods, Al Qaeda, the state group and Islamist groups supported by Iran in defiance of Kingdom Eastern Province. The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has accused Qatar of taking a “confrontational stance” towards Egypt and said that “all attempts to stop supporting terrorist groups have failed.”

The small island nation of Bahrain has blamed the Qatar media, support for armed terrorism and related Iranian funding groups to carry out the sabotage and spread of chaos in Bahrain “by its decision. The United States, based in Bahrain, has not responded to a request for comment on whether the decision would affect its operations.

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