Day: October 2, 2017

New iPhone 8 Details Confirm Tim Cook’s Expensive Gamble


8 The iPhone comes, it will pack as many advanced technologies as possible, and I think Apple prefers that most of the iPhone community buy another iPhone.

With a new OLED display, a curved glass, a new physical design, an inductive load and a change more than confirming biometric recognition, the iPhone 8 sits on the board of Apple’s innovative capability.

It is expected to be late in Apple stores in historical terms, and the price is $ 1,000 for the base model.

Apple is not a company known for making drastic changes to its product range. Instead of an iteration of the regular iPhone line, the iPhone 8 should be considered as a new iPhone category.

The iPhone 7S 7S and more are the “next steps” conservative, iPhone and 8 represent a new way of thinking (a way of thinking about “Pro”).

In this way, it is not about maximizing the volume or to provide updated package at the same price point for those who wish.

The iPhone 8 will be in luxury, the high price of fashion statements and new technologies. Think of the iPhone 8 should be considered as a luxury sports car, rather than a muscle car for the masses.

The historical price of a new iPhone is remarkably consistent. Precipitation and analysis suggest that the combined margin per Apple device is so consistent.

With a fixed budget for components, manufacturing and contingencies, any innovation was forced into a very strict financial window.

Apple knows how many people can afford new models of iPhone and iPhone 7S 7S Plus.

By creating a new level of iPhone where you allow the price to increase as needed, more expensive items can be included in the package, without altering the regular alignment of update. It’s the role of the iPhone 8.

The new technology is expensive, but also much harder to obtain in sufficient quantities. If Apple wants to put a new component in an iPhone (for example, an improved optical sensor in the camera), the production demands of this component are enormous.

Not only is a large stock of components required before launch (and comfortably speaking volumes reaching ten million or more units), but this rate has to be maintained for many years.

The use of the iPhone 8 to new technology means that the volume of components needed at launch will be lower than the traditional iPhone lighthouse.

Apple is in a unique situation here. When other manufacturers have a powerful smartphone, they do not have to be willing to sell tens of millions of these devices.

They have much lower market share and a wider portfolio of devices that users can spend.

Samsung is probably the only manufacturer that has a similar problem with its Galaxy S phones, but unlike Apple, it has a depth in its portfolio.

By pushing the debut of the iPhone 8 sale later this year, the iPhone and 7S 7S Plus meet the immediate demands of people in the Apple update program or the pursuit of renewal of a contract.

Of course, all this means that Apple should provide massive rows of worshipers with a device that can comfortably sell in volume, at a reasonable price, knowing that everything works….

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