Detained Iranian Researcher Sent Back to Home Country

Detained Iranian Researcher Sent Back to Home Country


Detained Iranian Researcher Sent Back to Home Country

An Iranian cancer researcher who was held at Logan International Airport in Boston was returned to his home country.

Customs spokesman and the US Border Patrol, Stephanie Malin, said Mohsen Dehnavi and his family were returning little flights starting after 9 hours. Tuesday.

Dehnavi arrived in the USA. To start working at a prominent hospital in Boston.

Boston Children’s Hospital said in a statement Tuesday that Dehnavi was barred from entering the country with his wife and three small children despite the fact that he has a J-1 visa for visiting investigators. They arrived at the airport on Monday.

“Hope to Boston children hope this situation is resolved quickly and Dr. Dehnavi and his family will be released and allowed to enter the United States,” said Rob Graham, a hospital spokesman.

‘The hospital is committed to do everything possible to support and Dr Dehnavi his family.’

Malin said the detention of the family was Dehnavis for “unrelated reasons” to President Donald Trump’s order from travelers from six predominantly Muslim countries.

She said the ruling was based on information discovered during the agency’s review. She did not elaborate.

But Malin note that visa applicants “bear the burden of proof” to meet all requirements and may be denied entry, for various reasons, including health problems, crime or security issues.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that the Trump administration could also impose its travelers temporary ban on Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

But the court said that the ban can not block people with a “credible affirmation of a good faith relationship with a person or entity in the United States.”

Some defense groups, including the US Civil Liberties Union and the National Council of American Iran, suggested that detention may constitute a violation of the Supreme Court order.

“The family is very worried,” said Shayan Modarres, a counsel based on the DC, who was in contact with the family. “If there is a problem minor papers, you should inform the family in order to solve it.”
At the very least, the incident shows how the political priorities of the lead administration to the “too overwhelming application” of immigration laws, said Gregory Romanovsky, chairman of the New England chapter of the United States Immigration Lawyers Association.

“The exercise of discretion is not what they are doing to make it more comfortable, especially if it is someone from one of the six banned country,” he said about local customs.

“The travel ban and all the anti-immigrant environment of the summit of this administration will undoubtedly affect their ability.”

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, a Democrat, told reporters that he expected to know more about Dehnavis’s circumstances, but also suggested that the case was an example of concern about the travel ban.

“Many people, doctors and nurses and those working in world-class facilities will be packed or left out of the country,” he said.

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