ICC Champions Trophy 2017: Cricket goes on in London attack’s shadow, but some fear fallout

ICC Champions Trophy 2017: Cricket goes on in London attack’s shadow, but some fear fallout


ICC Champions Trophy 2017: Cricket goes on in London attack’s shadow, but some fear fallout

Faraz had strict orders to his son when he learned of his visit to a mosque near the London Bridge on Saturday. “Put on the Peshawari suit I bought you, but avoid taqiyah (cap). Why draw unnecessary attention,” said his son security manager of Afghanistan at one of the Edgbaston gates. A day later, while the rest of England mourns the dead in the attack, Faraz is relieved that his son was safe.
While observing followers of India and Pakistan who go to the stadium with the horn, and dhols and various other objects, Faraz says that things are going to be much more difficult for British Asians in their land of adoption. It is said that it will be ready to be examined and treated differently, if not with a pinch of suspicion.
“I went to Afghanistan in Afghanistan for seven days, then I went to Pakistan for five days, and when I returned, I was detained and interrogated, despite my passport showing that I have lived here since 1992.” He said. The fact that he changed his plans at the last minute and returned two days later than expected does not help.
“There are certain areas in the country where, and that is why I mean Afghan and Pakistani people, we have a race for abuse, for them we are all” Pakis. “When there is a terrorist attack like -ci, If you are Indian, raise suspicions, “he adds.
Daughter of Faraz is a field investigator whose job is to collect forensic data and deal with murderers and thugs. But when he wanted to send money during his visit to Pakistan, he was asked not to. “His statements are scanned routinely because of his background and he was concerned that any transaction from South Asia could lead to an interrogation,” he said.
British asians constitute a large part of the population of England. And while Faraz paints a rather serious picture, not everyone with a subcontinent line accepts terrorist incidents such as the attack in London affect it that way.
“This is to think positively.If you think you will be seen in another way, you will be.I was born and raised here I am, and I will not say that people judge me by the color of my skin or where my ancestors come from “Said a fan from Pakistan.
Sitting next to him, there are some Indian fans who expect the national anthem at the beginning. They make fun of the idea of ​​being identified. “How do you care how we see each other. We want English like the rest of them,” one said.
It is not surprising that the security measures of the Champions Trophy eight teams have increased considerably. According to the Cricket International Council, following the London bombings, all three of the team’s hotel sites were blocked because the cricket’s governing body has promised to review its security “in line with threat levels.”

“After the incident last night, all team hotels have been blocked and teams, officials and staff have been approached swiftly. Greater security around the places implemented after the Manchester attack remains in place , Which includes a significant source and increased security for today’s meeting, “the ICC said. Therefore, in Edgbaston, all who enter the stadium were explored more closely. Even the acting secretary of the BCCI, Amitabh Choudhary, was detained outside and needed someone to talk to security officials to let him through.

Agent Evans, one of the many policemen stationed at the doors, insists he does not judge suspicious activity based on the appearance of a person. He then tells an earlier incident in the morning, when he had to follow a person who refused entry to the plant and was seen running. “He says he’s a doctor and he had a syringe in his bag.When we told him he would not be allowed, he started walking quickly.I followed him … I was stuck in the corner and it turned out he was a doctor.He was the man Suspicious that we find ourselves today, “he said, adding after a brief pause,” and he was white. “

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