India vs Pakistan: Virat Kohli and Co's win underlines declining standard of cricket across the border

India vs Pakistan: Virat Kohli and Co’s win underlines declining standard of cricket across the border


India vs Pakistan: Virat Kohli and Co’s win underlines declining standard of cricket across the border

A group of school children against assiduous attack force – which is how the confrontation between India and Pakistan was manifested last night. It is not difficult to guess which is which. The victory margin of India in 124 shots to use Edgbaston free track.

Despite the great drama, if you rely on them because of the rain breaks, the analysis of the party will not extend beyond a few sentences. In the face of tremendous hype equipment, Pakistan must fight well with its respectable bowling attack. Failure. India accumulated a whopping 319 in 48 overs, which has set the task beyond rival batters. History. The revised objective is a minor and ignorant distraction.

It was expected that unilateral competition, almost a decisive conclusion. Go through the names of the Pakistani eleven and you know why. Few batters carry a memory value or are familiar. The pitchers, the critical factor X in all Pakistan teams throughout their history, do not rise early out of breath, forget the fear. Ten years and beyond, the analysis of a party between India and Pakistan would have been much more complicated. The performance of the star on the Pakistani side or the lack of it would have consumed more space in the columns.

India Pakistan crushed by 124 races (D / L). AFPIndia crushed Pakistan by 124 shots on Sunday. AFP
As a team, Pakistan still lacked spark, series by series – as unpredictable and inconsistent rule. However, the individual players stood out and shone. When some players of this type have had their weight, the team proved really dangerous. Imagine the presence of Meran Khan, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Saqlain Mushtaq and Shoiab Akhtar in the list of players and Saeed Anwar, Javed Miandad, Inzamam-ul-Haq. We are not too far in time, but the power of the individual players ensured that no world cricket team has given a competition with Pakistan lightly.

The contrast is so obvious with this. Forget the occasional victories – which recently had a win in the series against a West Indies side also down – the Pakistan team can not even be called underperformance. The word means it has the potential, but it can still offer a sub-par. The potential is very invisible. His victories, can only be used shock results. Compare this with Indian performance in recent years. It has grown into a cricket superpower, producing incredible talent continuously. The great stars of yesteryear have been replaced by expert players.

There was a time when the world believed that Indian cricket flowed nadir after the Sunil Gavaskar era, Gundappa Vishwanath, Kapil Dev. The new generation, including Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Saurav Ganguly, made one. After three he hung up his boots, there was panic. But Virat Kohli and his demons fit him better. This also applies to bowlers. The generational change has been firm in Indian cricket as the end of a generation has caused a total cricket disruption in Pakistan.

Where are the stars now? Pakistan, known for throwing supremely talented players, especially bowlers, regularly loses the ability to produce them? Probably yes. The list of players makes the obvious. None of them does not seem to be made for greatness. It is possible that an unstable political environment took off. It is possible that the rest of the world has invested more in cricket and it is better to come. Perhaps it is related to the overall global decline of Pakistan as a country. Worse still, he lost the ability to produce leaders of the stature of Imran, who could lead the team through the force of personality.

However, declining Pakistan as a source of cricket is an interesting study. Is it just a passing phase? Cricket fans in the country would like to believe. Until this happens, the team will remain like a group of schoolchildren, treated like imbeciles.

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