Mongolia to send its first satellite to space on June 4

Mongolia to send its first satellite to space on June 4


Mongolia to send its first satellite to space on JuneĀ 4

Named by the threatened Gobi bear of Mongolia Mazaalai, Mongolia’s first satellite will be sent to space on 4 June. The satellite will accompany the “SpaceX Falcon 9” rocket at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida thanks to a project supported by UNESCO and Japan, Xinhua reported.
The multi-nation common bird satellite is an interdisciplinary cross-border satellite project for non-space countries to help developing countries build and launch their first satellite. During this two-year project, 15 students from participating countries, including Mongolia, Ghana, Japan, Bangladesh and Nigeria, are to design, develop and operate five identical CubeStats 1U units, one type of miniaturized satellite for Space research.
the Chinese space telescope to observe the pulsars of the milky way can reveal the source of energy
Mongolia can communicate with the satellite sent 400 km from the earth 5 to 6 times a day. Having a satellite brings many benefits, such as the ability to conduct independent space studies, capture a country’s geographic image, develop more accurate maps and better prevent natural disasters, Said the Deputy Prime Minister and head of emergency affairs of Mongolia Khurelsukh Ukhnaa.
Team members shared their plan to launch the second satellite in 2019. Although the Mazaalai satellite was supposed to be sent to space on June 2, the flight was postponed because of the rain.

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