Review: Dodge Demon is a 840-horsepower slice of muscle-car heaven


Muscle car modern 840 horsepower Dodge is a piece of paradise, which served in our drag strip due to increased power – the 15-frame frames of the headquarters of Fiat Chrysler – wants us to be happy. And fast. Very, very fast.

I just spent a hot afternoon in the Promised Land, a car race: Indianapolis. I saw the second coming to start the sidewalk, the grinding of the tires, the American muscle car, I think.

The Dodge Demon technology allows beginners to master the finer of the race to the drag point – a much more nuanced form of motor sport that non-believers accept – and takes them to a paradise of less than 10 seconds , Sprints of 60 miles per hour and 1.8G acceleration, the highest of any car production.

Did I mention that this is a nice street? Yes, you can drive the demon home from the runway. Well, since you only have one passenger. No back seat, I do not know? This is optional.

It is a front passenger seat. You should save weight if you want to fly. The Dodge Challenger SRT 2018 Demon will be in the dealerships this fall, shortly thereafter, you have to see it to do the tests and the wheels in drag strips across the country.

On repeated trips to Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, the demon grated tires, pushed me into the back of my seat and I was scared of the demon, until I realized that the magic of Chrysler had exploited the power of the demon, Which prevented me from harm.

Then I started to smile. I’m still 36 hours later, as I remember the smoke from the tires in the cabin, the checklist and use pallets before the “trans block” race, the Chrysler feature to keep car stationary as its overloaded V- 8 of 6.2 V-cries before the electronics is correct start-up and acceleration in the drag belt.

I went to the track to the street, leading to a demon – always fashionable 840 horses still wearing super-sticky Nitto tires – they behaved flawlessly in a short drive in the country and neighborhoods around the track.

It even adopts standards for unit noise, although it must be said out loud that people in some neighborhoods of Indy will hear.

The demon touch screen offers street fashion and sliding parameters and a number of tricks. Activate the locking lines, and the front brakes reduce pressure while the rear wheels spin, burn the rubber to reach the limit temperature and rub against rocks and other debris collected on the track.

No detail was too small, it did not taste too dark for the SRT engineering group to continue on their search speed. In drag mode, the Demon redirects passenger air conditioning to a cooler that cools the intake air to the engine to achieve peak power.

In addition to creating the Power Chiller, Chrysler had to invent a frying pan with a sponge to prevent AC condensation dripping onto the tread surface, an important no-no. The heat runs on resistance and air dry sponge tight, so you’re ready for the next heat.

Engineering and Design SRT developed the Demon confidentially as a sect of speed worshipers. Some savage engineers began development without notifying their superiors.

As and when these acolytes progressed, the project had a double key secret name: Bennie, after a secondary character in “Top Cat,” a cartoon series for children that only had 30 episodes in the early 1960s.

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