Tag: Can we download Blue Whale game Apk for Free in India?

download Blue Whale game Apk

Can we download Blue Whale game Apk for Free in India?


angerous for TeenagersYes, just like not!

You can not download Blue Whale Game easily because it is not accessible to the public.

Not available on Playstore, 9Apps or iOS App Store.

Now, people who do not know this game or have doubts about the game will ask “WHY?”.

So, let me erase that!

How Blue Whale Game is controlled by Admin

It is a very dangerous game in which we are controlled by an administrator.

The manager gives us the tasks we must complete.

The tasks are very strange and dangerous as:

You must write “Whale” with a leaf in hand.
Watch horror movies all day long.
Wake up at 4:20 p.m.
And much more…

You must provide full proof to the administrator that you have completed this task.

The last task is that you must commit suicide!

If true.

How Blue Whale Game is Dangerous for teenagers

Many young people (teenagers) commit suicide due to this game.

They threaten that, if they do not follow the administrator, their families can cope.

In general, people (teenagers) who are emotionally and mentally weak are directed to play this game.

This game can not be easily found on the Internet, but you can get download links to some Facebook groups or special forums.

Many games called “Blue Whale” are available on the Internet. I will not recommend you to play that game But If Still, you wish to PLAY THE Blue Whale 50 challenge Game, You can Download the Blue Whale Apk from the link given and It is totally free. The brain washes will be done by the administrator of the game and It may cause you danger of lives. So If you want to start the Challenge You can Go for It.

My suggestion for people:


I suggest you do not play this game.

Sometimes it sounds fun and we think about how it might be possible for people to commit suicide because of a game.

But we do not know what our mental stage is like right now.

Who knows if we were the target of this game?

So, I’ll suggest you stay away from this game and not think about it.

… Because life is more precious than a game!


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